Vana Paia

Senior Sushi Chef

Job Title: Senior Sushi Chef

Department: Sushi Bar

Reports To: Executive Chef / Executive Management

General Purpose:

To contribute and supervise the production of the highest possible food quality int he Sushi bar.

All production is carried out in line with the appropriate food portion control and is in line with the.

Main Duties:

Contribute and supervise the production of the highest quality food possible in sushi section.

Note:This is not an all-inclusive list. Additional duties may be assigned.

· Ensures the highest food quality appropriate to the market by assisting the restaurant

management in all areas as needed.

· Adheres to company standards of food quality, preparation, recipes, and presentation, as

directed by Executive Chef or Executive Management.

· Assists Executive Management in proper staffing and adequate supplies for Sushi section.

· Supervises and assists in the proper set-up of each item on the menus and ensures their

readiness and that all food from all section is delivered on time.

· Oversees the seasonings, portions, and appearance of food service in the operation in

accordance to company policy and recipes.

· Stores unused food properly to minimize waste and maximize quality.

· Works closely with Executive Chef and Management to ensure correct preparation and

delivery times are kept and food quality is Maintained.

· Assisting Management in checking and ordering fresh products and dry storage items.

· Encourages increased communication between kitchen production and service staff,

checking the restaurant reservations and customer feedback regularly.

· Ensures readiness and makes priorities in case of last minute changes to menu items or

specials as directed by Executive Chef and Executive Management.

· Utilizes supervisory skills and motivation to maximize employee productivity and


· Adheres to all health, sanitation and food safety rules and regulations, and makes sure all

staff adheres to these.

· Ensures that all potential and real hazards are reported and reduced immediately.

· Ensures that employees work in a safe manner that does not harm or injure self or others.

· Anticipates possible and probable hazards and conditions and either corrects them or

takes action to prevent them from happening.

· Checks that the highest standards of personal hygiene, dress, appropriate uniform,

appearance, conduct and language is maintained by all employees in the department.

· Sets up for service by ensuring proper amounts are in place for forecasted covers, special

functions and all reservations.

· Confers closely with the Executive Chef and Management and takes every opportunity to

become familiar with all aspects of his or her position, in order to be ready to fill in whenever


· To carry out any other duties as directed by Executive Chef and Executive Management.

· To ensure that the food prepared in the restaurant kitchen is the standard that the

Executive Chef, Executive Management and the company have set.


· Actively participate in assisting to achieve departmental goals and objectives and carryout

assigned work by Managers and Supervisors.

· Actively engage in your own personal development to benefit the business and improve

your personal skills – annual appraisals, attending training and development courses.

· Actively participate in weekly / monthly departmental meetings and any other meetings

that you are required to attend.

· Actively participate in addressing complaints and resolving problems.



While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to:

· Walk and stand.

· Bend forward.

· Kneel down.

· Reach and grasp.

· Push and pull objects.

· Repetitive bending and lifting of items.

· Repetitive arm movements.



· Extreme flexibility to work when needed and assist in workload of others.

· Suggests to Executive Chef and Executive Management possible changes to menus, to

reflect local, seasonal and national trends.

· Extreme flexibility to work when needed and assist in workload of others

· Monitors industry trends and recommends appropriate changes in menus and preparation

techniques to maintain the competitive status.

· Maintains own working area, materials and company property clean, tidy and in good


· Attend any meeting or training session as required by Management.

· Maintains a safe and hygienic work environment.